“The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” James Madison



“Education was my ‘way out’ of a family locked in generational cycles of violence, substance abuse, mental illness and poverty.” Kate Price, Ph.D. scholar
With your help we can provide assistance to many other survivors like Kate. Immediately show your support and participate in our educational campaign. Through education, survivors can be empowered to confidently pursue their dreams and become more active and vital members of society. In addition, survivors often position themselves to “give back” after completing their education by using their combination of training and direct experience to actively assist other trafficking survivors.
Purpose & Goal of the Educational Campaign 
Through the Educational Campaign, Sun Gate Foundation is raising funds to help purchase text books and tuition assistance for survivors of human trafficking enrolled in an educational program in Fall 2018 semester. The average cost of a semester’s worth of text books is around $500. Our goal is to help at least 10 survivors with textbooks and 10 survivors with tuition assistance.


How Far Your Dollar Can Go

If you are a believer in education and would like to empower survivors, we ask that you make a small donation according to the levels below.

$5000 – gives a scholarship in your name for tuition for a survivor.

$1500 – gives a scholarship in your name for textbooks for a survivor.

$1000 – pays for all textbooks for 1 survivor for an entire semester or pay for textbooks for 2 survivors for one semester.

$500 – pays for textbooks for 1 survivor for 1 semester.

$100 – gives towards tuition for a survivor

$50 – gives towards textbooks for a survivor

We need your help!!!

Donate now and invite your friends or family members who may be interested in helping us reach our goal. Be a part of the solution and participate in our fundraiser. Join us in being a “way out” for survivors of human trafficking around the country like Kate.


Your donation can change a life.
Quote from a Sun Gate Scholar 
The textbook scholarship relieved me of some of my financial burdens, and I feel a lot more confident and successful both in class and in my life. It is such a great feeling to know that there are people as kindhearted as you are who choose to go out of their way to help people like me in need. Although my journey has not been an easy one, this has helped me not only financially, but it has also helped me realize that there are still good people in this world who truly care about the well-being of others. It also helped me realize that my past should not determine my future and that I really have a chance to make something of myself.”


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