About Us


For all Survivors of human trafficking to live fulfilling lives, with the opportunities to pursue their dreams.


To create meaningful educational opportunities for Survivors of human trafficking; helping them to generate substantial, vital, independent lives.


Sun Gate Foundation, a 501 c 3 non-profit, survivor led organization based in Alexandria, Virginia, is an independent organization addressing a critical gap in the human trafficking aftercare community by making a substantial commitment to survivors. Sun Gate Foundation relies on donations and grants to fund the educational opportunities provided to survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking in the United States. The ultimate goal is to equip these young girls, boys, women, and men with a solid foundation to confidently go after their dreams.


Sun Gate Foundation was founded in 2013 by Suzanne Priest and co-founded by Ashley Davidson when they became aware of issues of human trafficking and sex trafficking. Suzanne and Ashley quickly realized that they wanted and could make a difference in the lives of sex trafficking survivors in the United States by creating opportunities for access to education that would otherwise not be available. They believe that through education, survivors of sex trafficking can create a life enriched with greater opportunity; giving them a chance to live their dreams. Shamere McKenzie, a survivor, student and recipient of the first Sun Gate Foundation scholarship became the Chief Executive Officer carrying on the mission that she too believes in.


Sun Gate is a symbol of the founder’s personal trial and triumph and of the goodness of humanity in the most bleak of circumstance. It is a symbol of new dawns and stands as a sentinel for villages. The founder believes that Sun Gate Foundation is all of these things for the survivors.