Survivor Leadership Spotlight

In honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, Sun Gate Foundation will be honoring veteran Survivor Leaders in the United States. Survivor Leaders include the lateNorma Hotaling, Vednita Carter, Autumn Burris, Marian Hatcher, Tina Frundt, Audrey Morrissey, Christine Stark, Beth Jacobs, and Kathleen Mitchell.

We value the leadership, commitment, and dedication of these survivor leaders to the anti-trafficking movement over the years. As we celebrate 20 years of the groundbreaking legislation that we know as the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, we also want to celebrate their groundbreaking efforts as a survivor leader paving the way for others.

Therefore, during the month of January, in honor of Human Trafficking Awareness month, we will be highlighting their achievements and lessons learnt on our website and social media platforms.

Click on the images below to read about each veteran Survivor Leader

Norma Hotaling
Vednita Carter
Vednita Carter
Autumn Burris

Marian Hatcher
Tina Frundt
Audrey Morrissey
Christine Stark
Beth Jacobs
Kathleen Mitchell