Audrey Morrissey

What does Survivor Leadership mean to you?

Survivor Leadership is a humbling responsibility to be an example for other girls and women who are struggling to get out of the life and to help those who have made it out to use their needed voices.

How long have you been in the movement against human trafficking?

18 years

What are you greatest accomplishments in the movement against human trafficking?

My greatest accomplishment is founding the My Life My Choice mentoring program in 2004, which pairs adolescent girls with survivors for a one-on-one mentoring relationship. It started with me, and now with have 15 survivor mentors.

What is one thing that carried you through the years as you transitioned from victim to survivor to now leader?

I still carry resilience.

What are some challenges you have faced in the fight against human trafficking as a Survivor Leader?

In the beginning, people thought I shouldn’t be paid for my expertise in exploitation. It was a challenge getting people to understand how important survivors’ voices are in the movement.

What advice do you have for younger Survivor Leaders who are just beginning their journey?

If no one told you they believe in you, I do.

What advice do you have for the anti-trafficking movement as it relates to Survivor Leadership?

Continue to build strong, healthy, ally-survivor relationships.

To honor Norma Hotaling, what would you say to her survivor
leadership or about her fight against human trafficking?

Norma is a pioneer. She is the first survivor leader I met in the movement. She took me under her wing, shared her knowledge, and planted the seed for me to become the leader I am today. She was patient, loving, and welcomed me into the movement with open arms.