Meet the Founder


My name is Suzanne Priest and I am the founder of Sun Gate Foundation. I wanted to create a foundation that would touch and change lives forever. It was with my new understanding of the prolific problem of human trafficking that occurs in the United States and my belief in education that I knew this was the right purpose and direction for the foundation.

Sun Gate Foundation was established on the premise that education is a cornerstone of recovery, self-esteem and self-reliance. Our aim is to foster a future for young adults who have been enslaved in the sex and labor trades. We are currently the only education scholarship organization focused on survivors in the United States. There is a great need for our support to fill this critical gap in the services provided to rescued victims of illicit trafficking.

Sun Gate Foundation will help make lifelong dreams a reality for survivors. I have been very fortunate in my own life to have had the ability, support and resources to go to college and earn my graduate degree. I am excited that Sun Gate Foundation will help others do the same.

I invite and encourage you to help us help the survivors of human trafficking in the United States realize their potential, create a better life and to give them a chance to live their dreams by becoming a corporate donor, private donor, hosting an event or volunteering.

Together, we will change lives forever!

All the Best,