Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with Sun Gate Foundation. Below are some suggestions but do not be limited to these suggestions. Let your creativity flow to make a difference in the life of a survivor. Please contact us at to get involved.

  • Have a human trafficking scholarship in your name or the name of a love one.
  • Become a mentor to a Sun Gate Scholar
  • Host a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to Sun Gate
  • Host a back to school drive and donate the school supplies to Sun Gate
  • Sponsor a Sun Gate Scholar’s text books for the semester
  • Participate in our fundraising campaigns
  • Donate a laptop to a Sun Gate Scholar
  • Become a monthly donor (click on the donate button for more information)
  • Request a Sun Gate speaker at your event
  • Provide internships to our Sun Gate Scholars
  • Provide employment to our Sun Gate Scholars