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Join our CEO Shamere McKenzie at Loyola University for an event entitled, “Slavery Still Exist: A Slavery & Abolition Symposium”. Shamere is one of the Keynote speakers in addition to Kenneth Morris, Jr., President and Founder of the Frederick Douglas Family Initiative.

The event begins with a panel discussion at 4 pm.  Panelists include:

  1. Sheriff Tom Dart – Cook County Sheriff
  2. Katherine Kaufa Walts, JD – Director of Center for Human Rights of Children at Loyola University and International Expert on Human Trafficking
  3. Kaethe Morris Hoffer – Executive Director of Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation (CAASE).
  4. Marian Hatcher – Human Trafficking Survivor, Human Trafficking Coordinator and Project Manager at Cook County Sheriff’s Office
  5. Laura Ng – Executive Director, Traffick Free


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